Our Know-How comes from the result of getting together and working with many professionals: Trend hunters, product designers, pattern designers, product managers, sales networks, production and marketing. All of them with a huge experience in their sectors.

We apply all this knowledge acquired during 30 years when working with our customers. We help them create and develop a brand that will ensure them a unique identity and an advantageous placement in the fashion market. Furthermore, we also help them grow as a company and increase sales volume. We are able to accomplish these goals regarding our customer’s needs and ideas ensuring continuity with the project and brilliant results.

Business Concept

Our business proposal is simple and clear. We contribute with our know-how and help customers to position between the most prestigious brands. We are not a consultancy, we are not only an advertising agency or public relations, but we are a partner developing a global project hand in hand with you. Depending on the budget invested, the rate of achieving objectives will vary. All actions to be developed will be presented within a business plan that will guide with timing, budget and monitoring of actions.

Multidisciplinary Action:

Product: A wide variety of Freelance Designers all over the globe work with our team: Barcelona, Paris, Milan and many other fashion culture related cities in the world. Always up-to-date with the latest and most exclusive fashion trends, trimmings, patterns, fabrics, prints and everything needed to design and create unique clothing.

Marketing: Wide experience creating brands, giving them a unique personality and the best positioning in the market, brand imaging, packaging, website creation, social media presence, public relationships, assistance and presence in trade fairs and expositions, and everything related to communication.

Commercial Network: This is one of the most important points when achieving success. We have a huge network of experienced sellers all around the world. They are the best way to introduce the product/brand in many different markets in the most effective way.

Internationalization: Thanks to our sellers network we can achieve internationalization. We are able to add values to the brand and product to adapt it to the focused market, ensuring great success and continuity.