About Us


We have over 30 years of experience in the fashion market. Our team is formed by professionals in product design, pattern creation, production, merchandising, distribution and marketing. All of them have worked in many different companies and have huge knowledge about this market.

BabyCoaching is constantly in contact with the most exclusive designers and always present in the most prestigious international fashion expositions.

Helping our customers to expand and succeed all over the world.

More than 80 million euros:

All of our customers have benefited from our services, turning their sales tendencies into positive and increasing sales volumes and revenues.

Turnover of our customers

More than 20 countries in 4 continents.

Four continents:

Our worldwide network and partnerships helps us to introduce our customer’s products into new and most exclusive markets all over the globe. We are capable to help our clients to expand their business in countries such as The United States, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Colombia and many more.

Sales Networks:

BabyCoaching’s headquarters are located in Spain, which is one of Europe’s most experienced and pioneer country in the textile industry. There is one fact we know for sure, we have no limitations or boundaries when helping our customers to achieve success, creating efficient sales networks in countries where an excellent commercial knowledge becomes a must.

International sales network



We provide our customers with the possibility to renew and update their corporate image, adding value and significance to their brand by developing and working to achieve a renovated image for their company.